More and more digital communication departments and agencies working for the fashion, luxury and cosmetics sectors, are opting for other forms of communication, adapted to the famous “social web” and its way of doing things. Interact with journalists, influencers, and consumers. There is not one example of a press release par excellence, but many ways to put creativity beauty press release ¬†at the service of your Public Relations strategy.

Expand your information with visual aids

Many companies focus on writing the press release, producing long texts without any visual support. This phenomenon complicates the lives of many journalists, working in an increasingly visual environment. In addition, in the case of presentation of new collections or new products, the process is weighed down: the journalist receives an “attractive” email but without access to a product gallery and must, therefore, contact the brand to obtain product images. High quality or “look books”; the brand sends a compressed file through Dropbox, a file that is often too heavy and must be sent in “Zip” format; the brand then opts for sending the entire file on a physical medium (USB or CD) … This situation sounds familiar with beauty press release

It is, therefore, desirable to always include visual support directly in the email to enhance the story you are telling and create an original press release. If this is the presentation of a collection, do not limit yourself to a single image, enjoy the various features per module to highlight your most important parts and offer the possibility of direct access (by means of a link) to the gallery presented on your digital showroom.